The Proven Ways How to Start a Blog for Profit in 2020

"How to start a blog for profit" is a big question for most of the bloggers. 
By showing attention to learn the following article, you've shown that you're really serious about blogging and want to know how to start a blog for profit.
I know you are spending your so much time to master the ways to start a blog.

Before starting your successful blog you must have these questions in your mind.

Like how can i start a blog, where to start a blog, how to create your own blog, how to start a blog and make money.

Whatever your question is, you're likely to find all the solutions after moving through this article.

There are many people who wants to start a blog but have no idea how to start a blog for profit.

Blogging industry has lots of money, but for generating that money for you, you should know that right way

Which means this article will demonstrate the specific direction that I used to create this prosperous blog.

The way that you'll be able to replicate to construct a blog much larger compared to my blog.

Read this ultimate guide about the best way to start blogging and also determine where you're now.

If you're seeking to start afresh blog, this article can provide you step by step strategy to start your own blogging career.

After reading this blog you will get that exert ideas how to start a blog for profit.

Do We Really Require A Blog?

how to start a blog for profit

This is a really common question that comes in mind when we start our online blogging carrier.

Many people ask me this question how to start a blog for profit?

According to my experience,

Blogging has now become one of those key parts to enhance web business and to generate a good revenue. 

It is such as a station to earn relations all around the globe and boost your own internet presence.

When i started my blogging carrier, I did not understand anything about blogging and also how to earn money on the internet.

I had no idea how to start a blog for profit.

It turned out a bit tough for me to modify the area.

Then i started reading blogs, ebooks, and many more things to gather knowledge.

It took me around 4 years to to start a successful blog.

But as you know failures are the pillar of success.

In my journey of 4 years i leaned a lot.

I had lots of experience in my blogging carrier.

But am happy 🙂

Due to blogging, my entire life has become more fun. I can do whatever I like, I have much time to spend with my loved once.

And the best thing is that I am my own boss.

Therefore can you still have some excuse to never start a blog now?

What will be the advantages of a blog?

As a human being, it's our nature to find benefits behind the product and service which we buy and use.

Below are some great benefits of blogging.

  • It is the most powerful tool to boost your internet presence.
  • You earn money with the use of your abilities. 
  • You construct your internet identity and confidence. 
  • You become a master in your industry.
  • You build connections with your visitors. 
  • You help the entire world by writing articles in your own blog. 
  • You then become confident. 
  • You've got money freedom. 
  • You've got time freedom.

And there are countless of benefits once you become a blogger.

Here we're going to see about each step that will help you to construct an amazing blog.

I've gone through each step to create this blog, therefore I'm not likely to create such a thing with no private experience.

Assess every point very attentively this will help you to become the upcoming fantastic blogger.

Let us read it...

1. Know Your Blogging Interest

how to start a blog for profit

When people step into blogging field there main goal is to make a lot of money but earning without giving value is useless.

First thing you'll need to get is your own knowledge, interest, curiosity or excitement about virtually any topic.

Think about these questions:

  • Could I write about my issue without becoming bored?
  • Can I have sufficient fire about my topic?
  • Do I have sufficient information about my topic?
  • Can there be some viewers to read my topic?
  • Could I write for six months without even thinking about income out of my own blog?
  • Am I currently prepared to learn a lot of new points?

When you've got clear and crisp answers to those questions, you're ready to go.

2. Discover Domain Name To Your Blog

how to start a blog for profit

Thus as soon as you've picked the topic for blogging, the next step is to get a domain name.

So now you have to book a simple but good to listen domain name. You can get your domain name from or

I searched a domain name for you, and luckily it is available.

how to start a blog for profit

I also got this domain name for you, and it's still available.

how to start a blog for profit

You can use this domain name generator website to find superior domain names.

After getting the right domain name for your business, you're able to go through the enrollment process on the website and get the payment via your own Debit/Credit card.

Few items to Remember before purchasing domain names:

Take short Name: Short names are simple to consider and remember.

Therefore if a friend asks the name of your website, then it will be easy for you to tell your dot com.

Never Buy Digits In Domain Name: Avoid buying digits in domain name (e.g,,

They consistently confuse people because the majority of times they'll forget that it had been a written or digit.

ICANN (domain provider) has distinguished the domain names in accordance with the country such as .in as India. 

Such domain names are best for targeting one particular country.

Therefore using a dot Com domain is obviously the most effective option.

If you want to target a specific country then go for this otherwise .com is much better to go with.

Locate a domain linked to your business.

Using a domain name like is a ridiculous idea if your blog is about smartphone.

Your blog's name has to be quite a targeted name for the company. Like I've where I'm teaching blogging.

Therefore pick your domain name very attentively.

3. Locate A Fantastic Hosting

how to start a blog for profit

For the blog today the query is where are you really going to store your valuable data online?

Your blog is going to have many texts, videos, images, and a lot of different activities.

Where are you really going to save all of those activities online?

A hosting is an internet server that will help you to save your own data.

So that your domain name will probably be the name of your site, and all of the info of your site is going to be kept on the hosting.

Since the data is a really essential thing for the blog and this means that you must choose the hosting company very attentively.

I recommend a2 Hosting for a newcomer, you need SHARED HOSTING.

Shared hosting includes servers distributed to lots of users which means that this hosting comes at quite a cheaper price compared to the other hosting options.

Few things to remember before purchasing hosting

  • Space: Your web hosting company should offering unlimited space.
  • Unlimited Domain Names: Your hosting should provide unlimited domains in your own server. Therefore go for hosting offering infinite domains.
  • Service: This is quite essential. Your hosting company has to have a 24 ×7 service system. 

When it comes to any issue, you'll be able to get in touch with them anytime and secure your problem resolved.

  • Bandwidth: That is really a tiny technical term. Simply speaking, your bandwidth determines the quantity of traffic (number of people ) your site could deal with.

Therefore go for infinite bandwidth.

  • Easiness To Handle: Different companies provide various kinds of admin dashboards to take care of hosting.

I would recommend opting for C-Panel because this has really easy and simple dashboards to manage hosting.

4. Blog Content Management System

Its Time To Wright 6

Here is the platform which may allow one to add the articles onto your own blog.

I'm using WordPress with this blog.

Its just one of the greatest content management systems on the planet.

Over 60 million internet sites on earth running on it.

WordPress have gives us a very user-friendly interface and very awesome virtual editor.

You can play with your articles and reflect it according to your site's requirement.

WordPress provides you the freedom to put in plugins that are going to boost your blog's functionality.

Why Just WordPress?

Because its the most used CMS (content management system) on earth for blogging.

WordPress is really an open-minded platform, at which you are able to make whatever you would like.

You're able to put in the brand new design with only a click.

The managing of the platform is extremely straight forward.

Lots of hosting providers provide direct installing of WordPress from the admin dashboard.

In the instance of almost any matter, you will get assistance from 1000s of WordPress users from the community.

And you will find additional lots of advantages that you'll come to understand later using this CMS.

Once installing WordPress and establishing all of the stuff assess these plugins that I am using in my blog and then discover your website.

I can promise, you will smile after installing my most used plugins into your WordPress.

5. Catch Each Of Social Media Marketing Identities

how to start a blog for profit

All big companies have stepped into social media marketing in their business enterprise.

They're starting their services and products exclusively on social media networking, websites and getting together with their clients directly.

Therefore the 1st task after investing in a domain name, hosting and establishing WordPress, is catching all of your social networking identities.

You can check out the availability of your domain and social username availability across multiple social media networks.

Check out here on

6. Locate An Ideal Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Its Time To Wright 8

WordPress has plenty of themes.

You can get every kind of theme according to your needs.

There are two kinds of themes, free themes and paid themes.

Paid version on any theme is better than its free version, it is because in paid version there is less coding used and they are light in weight.

But on the initial level, if you don’t have much money then you can go with the free version.

I personally use and recommend you GeneratePress.

I use the paid version of it, but trust me its worth it.

It makes your website look very professional. 

Its fully customizable with lots of pro templates. 

It’s very lightweight, schema optimized and best for blogging and affiliate marketing.

Few things to Remember before purchasing WordPress theme

  • Make certain you are purchasing an unlimited site license.
  • The theme has to be simple to take care of.
  • The theme should have compatible with recent version of WordPress.
  • The theme has to be responsive (should must be friendly with mobile devices).
  • Theme should relate with your blog category.

7. Start Writing

Its Time To Wright

Start writing from now itself.

Your blog isn't anything without you. All you need to make a blog is to start writing now.

No matter how your English is, how much knowledge do you have about your subject, no matter how can you really feel about your own writing, your blog will expand just and just when you’ll start writing.

As time passes you'll start getting writing thoughts, as well as your readers, will probably start enjoying reading exactly what you say.

However, first issue is WRITING.

You can use grammar-checking tools such as Grammarly and ProWritingAid to compose error-free content easily.

Ask support from friends and family, read more about your area, focus on newspaper and start collecting the brand new ideas about your own subject and topic. 

I hope you got all of your answers and now it's clear to you how to start a blog for profit.

You're only 1 step out to open the door of blogging for you.

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