25 Free Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Today I am going to show you 25 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. All the extensions mentioned here like Moz Chrome Extension, Email Hunter Chrome extensionTube Buddy Chrome Extension are absolutely free.

In fact, many of the expert bloggers use these extensions & they are saving a lot of time and are ranking higher.

25 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers:-

1. Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

You must have been very wasting a lot of time by taking screenshots if you don't know about this app. In fact, I think this is the best chrome extension for taking screenshots as it is very user-friendly & saves a lot of time.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

From this extension, you can easily take screenshot of any web page and save it in on your PC & can easily use it while blogging. 

It is one of the best chrome screenshot extension.

This extension gives us some shortcuts and they are as follows:-

  • Ctrl + Shift + E - This shortcut will take the screenshot of the whole page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z - This shortcut  will capture the visible part of the page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S - This shortcut will capture the area which you have selected.

Try this as it is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers 

Click Here To Get Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

2. Buffer Chrome Extension

You're already knowledgeable about the title of this buffer (free social automation applications ) to boost your social networking articles.

However, Can you understand buffer has a chrome-plated extension that can help you to program your post for most unique social networking account at another time on precisely the exact same moment? 

I have been using this instrument for some time now and it is helpful to automate my post for distinct social websites. So once you put in this buffer expansion so that it's permitted to automate your every post on social networking.

Click here to get Buffer Chrome Extension

3. Grammarly Chrome Extension

Are you a blogger just like me that devotes lot of errors while still writing the articles?

best chrome extensions for bloggers

If yes, the Grammarly is just one of the greatest chrome extension that can help you to compose your articles with no mistake. It works really great on WordPress editor, docs along Microsoft Wordpad too.

You might also utilize Grammarly in more stages such as Quora, Google Docs, Facebook article, Gmail and a lot more platforms.

So in the event that you would like do not wish to perform punctuation mistakes and wish to produce your content Bible totally free then I suggest you attempt Grammarly to prevent all errors.

Grammarly also offers their premium version that has more attribute than the free one, so I like to urge you to proceed with expert version If You Would like to avoid severe grammatical errors and need Grammarly staff to verify your articles.

Click here to get Grammarly

4. SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake is an SEO chrome extension that can help you to locate the amount of traffic, the ability of your website, Alexa position and a lot more items within one click.

When I land on almost any new website I utilized this wonderful plugin to inspect the complete stats of almost any website.

This expansion works as a search engine optimization tool and provides almost all of the particulars of any keyword and you could also compare with your competitor URL.

This also can help you to provide specifics of any website utilizing the SEMrush tool. You're considering this expansion is compensated?

However, NO this expansion is all but free and you may easily download it and then apply it on your chrome browser with no situation.

Quake comes 4th in 25 free best chrome extension for bloggers. 

Click here to get SEO Quake Chrome Extension

5. Stay Focused Chrome Extension

Thus if you're that blogger who loses their concentration on function then this expansion is a great deal since in this internet universe we lose our attention and squander our endurance is merely checking Facebook.

Stay Focused is a very simple tool enables you to remain focused on your job and limit the period of time spent on time-wasting websites.

How it operates:

You can just include procrastinating websites like youtube, Facebook with this tool and place a daily limit time to invest this website. And after when up times so remain concentrate will block this time-wasting website from the browser.

If you're afflicted by procrastinating and squandering your all-time on the world wide web so must try out this wonderful extension.

Click here to get Stay Focused Chrome Extension

6. ColorPick EyeDropper Chrome Extension

This extension will help you to locate the hex code of any color.

Usually, once you design your webpage so you'll be confused about what color you use to earn your website page professional.

In this case color select eyedropper comes into play and you may readily discover the hex code of any color and you may readily use this.

Click here to get ColorPick Chrome Extension

7. Mailtrack Chrome Extension

If You're utilizing doing any outreach via your Gmail accounts then you'll love this instrument.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Mailtrack is a chrome extension that helps you to monitor if the email recipient opens the email or not, Personally, When I do my backlink outreach then this instrument helps me understand if the receiver opens the email or don't.  

This extension helps me to know the receivers who have opened my mail but didn't respond. So if you're performing any kind of outreach, therefore I urge you have to try out this chrome extension.

Mail Track comes on 8th rank on one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get Buffer Chrome Extension MailTrack Chrome Extension

8. Email Hunter Chrome Extension

Email Hunter Chrome is an email address locating tool, Which makes it possible to obtain an email address of any website just in one click.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

If you're doing email outreach every day to pull in more traffic to your articles then this instrument works like a charm for you since they extract accurate email addresses of website owner/founder.

Here how it works:

Click the hunter icon into your smartphone and they'll extract all potential email addresses of their website that you're in.

This instrument is quite amazing since it can help you to achieve from the blogger straight email instead of forums and other types of stuff. If you're a blogger that will backlink outreach daily so that is like a goldmine for you.

This extension comes on 8th position in 25 of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get Email Hunter Chrome Extension

9. SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

SimilarWeb is an analytics application that provides you all of the details concerning the website.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Such as, how much traffic that website is creating per month and with this, they will provide you a few additional insights about any website such as:

  • Traffic origin of that Specific website.
  • The top-ranking keyword of this website.
  • By where they receive more referrals and traffic.
  • Additionally, show the competition website.

I believe this instrument is among those completely free competition analysis tools that I have now utilized to keep a watch out for my competitor's development.

And by keeping your eye on your competition website it's possible to find an idea to maximize your visitors compared to by concealing their backlink and keywords.

That is a free Chrome extension also you could update it to secure more attributes.

Click here to get Similar Web Chrome Extension

10. Font Finder Chrome Extension

When You're creating your landing page amazing then your competitor and you want to know which font your competitor uses. Then this extension will find out for you.

This extension helps you to find the font of almost any page that you're in.Therefore for discovering any font, then you need to click the font finder icon onto your own chrome browser.

If you put the mouse over any phrases and click on this you will find the text font title with additional information such as font-weight, font size, font, and a lot more items.

This is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get ​Font Finder Chrome Extension

11. TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

If you're a blogger that makes plenty of videos to teach your viewers about anything then this extension makes it possible to perform SEO of your videos and additionally you may also use it as Youtube channel optimization tool.

Tube Buddy Chrome is a freemium chrome extension that can help you to maximize your Youtube videos using much more related tags.

Using this tool you'll find a more rewarding keyword to push more perspectives in your YouTube videos.

You may even do societal monitor to learn the number of times your video shared on social networking websites.

This extension can also help you to make an astonishing and eye-cache thumbnail of your Youtube videos. It also offers a superior program that you can acquire to get more features than the free edition.

Click here to get Tube Buddy Chrome Extension

12. MozBar Chrome Extension

If you've ever attempted to really go deep into the SEO then you probably know about Moz.com. 

Moz Chrome Extension is an officially liberated extension of Moz and from that, you may easily find the domain name authority and page authority of almost any website.

They've search overlay property which shows all of metric for Google Search results when you want to know something about the chrome.

It also can help you to obtain the keyword optimization in any guide and they'll also help find out the poor and low carb backlink that doesn't help you and you could also export that via CSV files.

This expansion works just like SEOQuake but in that, you'll be able to understand domain name authority and page capacity.

This very extension occupies 12th position in 25 best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get MozBar Chrome Extension

13. Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

If you're an affiliate blogger and marketer then this extension is quite helpful for you personally.

Keyword Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that offers keyword metrics such as Keyword Volume, CPC & also the level of competition you will get on such keywords.

This tool also provides data of the following tools mentioned below apart from Google

1. Google Trends
2. Youtube
3. Amazon
4. UberSuggest
5. Majestic
6. Google
7. AnswerThePublic
8. Keyword Shitter
9. Bing
10. Moz Open Site Explorer and many more tools

If you're trying to find free keyword research tool I recommend you to have to try out this free extension.

This is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

14. Save To Pocket Chrome Extension

Many of us don't have any problem with reading lots and lots of articles but in that many people usually forget what they read. So, in this case, Save To Pocket helps.

This chrome extension offers a digital pocket in which you can save the article or video & read that article or watch that video later. You can also view them on your mobile devices. 

This is totally free & saves a bunch of time. Thus, I would highly recommend this extension.

Click here to get Save To Pocket Chrome Extension

15. LastPass Chrome Extension

If You're a busy blogger that constantly forgets their passwords then this tool really Is Essential for you.

LastPass is your extension that has the power to control most of the passwords and create simple login into your accounts. When you've got a habit of entering the password each of the time this tool can help you in a great way.

Basically, once you sign any website then this instrument recalls that password that you entered on that website. You might also put in your debit or credit card inside this instrument to create your transaction as quicker you desire.

For a blogger, if you would like to bear in mind all passwords then use this instrument to help save all passwords from your LastPass password manager.

This is not just one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers but also for common folks. 

Click here to get LastPass Chrome Extension

16. Read Aloud Chrome Extension

Many bloggers are so lazy that they write long articles & don't want to read them because of their length.In fact, in many cases, they land on such pages which are too long so they don't want to read them.

Thus in these circumstances Read Aloud helps, this extension just converts all those lengthy articles in audio form so that you can listen to them & get rid of reading them.

If you're a content author who writes plenty of articles, then this extension saves a lot of time that you spent in reading the articles.

This is one of the amazing best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get Read Aloud Chrome Extension

17. Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

Do you use Facebook advertisements for your site article? If yes, then then this tool is right for you.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Facebook Pixel Helper is a free chrome extension that tells you the pixels have been fired on your site or maybe not, not just for the website.

You can readily assess other website pixels by simply clicking onto the Facebook pixel assistant icon.

This extension isn't just for a blogger that conducts a whole Lot of Facebook advertisements to promote their articles on Facebook.

However, You might also utilize this extension to halt the pixel of some other website till they begin sending ads in your FB feed.

Click here to get Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

18. SEO Minion

If you're having difficulty performing on-page SEO in your site post then SEO Minion is for you.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

SEO Minion is a totally free chrome extension that allows performing search-engine SEO, check broken links. Assess metadata, highlights all of the external and internal hyperlinks.

They also have a single special quality of SERP Preview that can help one to realize your metadata and name in google search engine optimization.

Google search location simulator is your final choice in SEO Minion which helps you to discover your precise rank on google and this final choice saves a lot of time that you wasted while still discovering your essay from SERP.

As we are discussing the best chrome extensios for bloggers so, if you're a Blogger or SEO Expert then you need to try out this.

Click here to get SEO Minion

19. Page Analytics (by Google) Chrome Extension

Would you need to observe the Analytic information of one page of the website?

Subsequently, this tool assists you, With this extension, you can easily view the specific google analytics record of the page and for this.

They also exhibit webpage views of that specific webpage but for showing that you have to authenticate your Google Analytics accounts for this extension. 

If you would like to save your great deal of time that you wasted while assessing the analytics record of a single page then it's possible to use this free expansion formally by Google.com. Must try out this wonderful expansion.

If you are a blogger then you must try 25 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

Click here to get Page Analytics (by Google) Chrome Extension

20. Loom Chrome Extension

This extension lets you communicate using videos.

If you're a youtube blogger then this tool can also help you to make your own youtube videos with that, you are able to readily create Facecam movie with no pixel reduction.

With the Assistance of this expansion, you may also embed your movie in your site (not youtube movie ) & you can also send this movie to anyone via email (They've integration alternative ).

Loom also features an application for a computer so that you might also use it on your computer too. 

Here are some of the best chrome extensions for bloggers that's why they have a superior program where you may have more features than the free version but I imply the free version is sufficient for starting.

Click here to get Loom Chrome Extension

21. Easy Blog Commenting Chrome Extension

If You're that blogger that does frequently blog commenting on a different site for SEO and to for networking then this expansion Is quite helpful for you.

Easy Blog Commenting is really a totally free chrome extension from India's leading blogger Harsh Aggarwal. This extension will help you to perform opinions quicker and save lots of your own time.

Here how it is work:

For this, you may easily create a few profiles and depending on the profiles of your own name, email, the website will be automatically filled as you're posting any comment.

If you would like to construct no follow link with site commenting so you must try out this expansion to conserve hell plenty of time.

Easy Blog Commenting is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.
Click here to get Easy Blog Commenting Chrome Extension

22. News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension

News Feed Eradicator is a totally free chrome extension that makes your FB feed more inspirational and can help you to operate.

As an author, we now devote time on Facebook for promotional and occasionally for significant messages.

However, you also understand that if you begin scrolling Facebook feed then it will squander your whole lot of time but with the support of this extension, you simply see quotations on your feed that inspire you to perform work and succeed.

After using this awesome extension I recommend you at least use it for one time & see the positive results.

Click here to get News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension

23. AddToAny Chrome Extension

AddToAny is a totally free chrome extension which aids you to share any webpage to any social websites.

This chrome extension supports social networks such as

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, Gmail, Tumblr and a lot more. 

I understand many websites begin using social chat plugin however a few pages do not but here are the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Thus if you're from who likes to share material with other people to spread consciousness then need to try out this extension.

Click here to get Add To Any Chrome Extension

24. Checker Plus For Gmail Chrome Extension

Checker Plus is currently Gmail available on steroids.

It expands the performance of your favorite email client by including a multitude of new features like instant background alarms for new emails, popup email preview window which allows you browse.

Also it responds and record emails without leaving the tab, multiple accounts control, voice-based alarms, as well as also the capability to monitor custom made tags. 

If you are a power Gmail usage and possess more than 1 account, this can be really a must-have extension. If you are a heavy Gmail user, this can be really a must-have extension.

Click here to get Checker Plus For Gmail Chrome Extension

25. Bitly Chrome Extension

Within this era of internet sharing, URL shorteners really are a godsend, also Bitly is one of the very best of these.

Its official expansion allows you to conserve content from the browser for your Bitly accounts, personalize Bitlinks with calls-to-action along with additional messaging.

Also discuss Bitlinks through email along with societal networks.

You can also arrange your Bitlinks via notes and packages, and fix privacy settings on your Bitlinks readily as you produce them.

Sometimes we want our blog's link to be shortened when we are going to post our blog's link on Social Media, in this case, Bitly is very useful.

These are some of is the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Click here to get Bitly Chrome Extension


So ultimately what you need to do? What's the conclusion following all I discussed 25 best chrome extensions for bloggers that can help one save the ton of time. 

But nevertheless, you wish to urge some more extensions to get fellow bloggers thus don't hesitate to discuss in the comment section and share this guide is useful for you or not.

I also need to urge you to have to try because many extensions from this record because possible depending upon your requirement and I want to know your choice via the comment section.

So, I hope you loved reading the 25 Free Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

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